The Workhouse Re-imagining Project

A two storey portacabin on site at The Workhouse

Re-imagining The Workhouse is a conservation and visitor experience project which aims to reinforce and re-establish the role that this property should play in society today, sharing powerful stories of welfare from the 1800s to 1980s (and beyond) with our visitors.

Check out our timeline below to find out the latest about Re-imagining The Workhouse. We'll regularly update this page with news about our progress, what we’re doing to create a 21st century Workhouse, and how you can be involved.

Latest updates

20 Mar 19

Bedding props

Remember those bales of straw (see previous post below.) This week the team at The Workhouse have been busy stuffing and sewing the mattresses and bolsters which will be used as props to help visitors visualise life for past inmates of The Workhouse.

A cushion is stiched

11 Mar 19

Straw for props arrive

New props are being created to help visitors envisage life within the walls of The Workhouse. Today we took delivery of the bales of straw which will be used to stuff the bedding and cushions that will feature in the new look Workhouse.

A person sits on a pile of bales of straw

09 Mar 19

The new floor is laid in the Reading Room

The floor in the Reading Room has been laid and features the 1835 map indicating all the parishes served by the Southwell Union Workhouse. This room (previously staff offices) is based in the newly conserved Firbeck Infirmary and is a place for visitors to access workhouse records such as census returns and inspector’s reports.

People holding and laying out a giant map of Nottingham