Trust New Art at The Workhouse

A girl paints the wooden slates of a lifesize exhibition box

The ‘Do it Different’ art project at The Workhouse is in conjunction with artist educator Morgan Tipping. Together with artists of a range of abilities from Minster View, Caudwell House and Nottingham MenCap, they are co-creating a curriculum for this alternative art school. The curriculum draws directly from the sensory, imaginative and expressive experiences of the people involved. 

The visual, tactile, sensory and narrative work that is being created will also inspire a film which will be exhibited from February 2020. Check out our timeline below to learn about the work that has been taking place since the summer of 2019.

Latest updates

08 Feb 20

Launch of the final 2020 exhibition

Morgan has been busy over our winter close period evolving ‘The Factory Art School’ from an open studio into an exciting exhibition for 2020. Today the exhibition was launched alongside an accompanying arts trail around the town of Southwell featuring art from the project. Visit us in 2020, become part of the movement to ‘Do it Different’ and be inspired by visiting the final ‘Do it Different’ exhibition at The Workhouse.

A person wearing headphones watches an artistic video

26 Oct 19

Reflecting on the project so far

Tyrone from MenCap finished his final painting before reflecting on the past 3 months including how much he has enjoyed working in The Factory studio and making it his own creative home. Morgan recorded Tyrone talking about the symbolism of his work and how discovering Keith Haring had inspired his work. Visit the exhibition at The Workhouse in spring 2020 to find out more about the layers of meaning behind Tyrone’s paintings and see the final work of all those involved in 'The Factory Art School.’

An artist stands with a paint pallet in front of his colourful artwork

22 Oct 19

Biorhythm project

Morgan, Dav Shiel (Drake Music) and filmmaker Tommy Chavannes have been working with the artists on a ‘Biorhythm project.’ Electronic music is being created with musicians from Mencap, Minster View and Caudwell House. The name alludes to how The Workhouse created and regulated people’s movements. This ‘Biorhythm project’ subverts that process and enables our art school musicians to explore how their innate movements and sounds can become a unique instrument and produce music. In moving sessions, some of the participants ‘talked’ with Dav through the sounds they created and through the sound beam (which tracks body movements.) These sounds will be developed in November with the footage captured to be featured in the exhibition in the spring.

A man kneels with sound equipment recording another individual