Coast Exhibition 2019

Tony Crosby, Trelissick Gallery Organiser Tony Crosby Trelissick Gallery Organiser
A blaze of colour in amongst the shadows by Rachael Mia Alllen

Coast 2019 features the work of Rachael Mia Allen, Philip Lyons and Richard Tuff. For all three artists Cornwall’s coast is an ever present element in their work. From the full vista of shoreline to distant horizon, to a glimpsed corner of blue against a dark sky, the sea's proximity suffuses all these works.

In Rachael’s painting there is the drama of richly textured cliffs meeting glittering seas, the play of light revealing the shifts and nuances of an ever changing experience.

Philip likes to paint the outside world, often viewed and experienced from the inside. A visual analyst, his work is complex and structured often incorporating a firm framework such as a window.  Tangible in his paintings is the attrition of the sea and weather against the land, ever mindful and ever present even if only glimpsed as a distant strong blue edge.

Richard is an artist absorbed in the shape and balance of things around him. Richly coloured gouaches blend together the natural world and human habitations. Houses and settlements tuck in seeking shelter from the sea borne winds. Homes cluster around harbours or alongside creek edges.

Together these artists explore and reveal a world where the sea is such a profound influence and such a part of Cornwall’s distinctiveness.

Coast 2019