Digging deeper - Summer borders

Dahlia 'Trelissick Purple' in the summer borders at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Trelissick's garden borders are in full bloom during summer, showing off a spectacular variety of colours and textures.

The borders have been an key feature of Trelissick garden since the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Back then the borders were linear, fairly thin and full of spring flowering shrubs such as azaleas. Much has changed much over the years, now we use the borders to enhance the gardens, extend the season of interest and provide summer and autumn colour. Very deep, richly planted borders sweep around the large, luxuriant main lawn. Here you'll find a mix of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, evergreens and bulbs

Maintaining these borders is exceptionally labour-intensive. They demand work all year round, from mulching late winter and early spring, to weeding, dead-heading, cutting back, dividing, moving, planting… they are a constant work in progress.

Autumn work on the garden's borders
The borders at Trelissick garden in the autumn
Autumn work on the garden's borders

But come summer, all this hard work shows itself in spectacular fashion. See for yourself below the stunning selection you'll find on summer's day stroll in the garden. Visit now for the most impressive show, but if we enjoy a mild autumn the borders may still be full of colour and texture from both flowers and foliage.

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Dahlia 'Trelissick Purple' at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Dahlia 'Trelissick Purple'

You'll find this vigorous and very striking rich purple dahlia on the south border of the main lawn and along the entrance border. No summer border is complete with dahlias – they'll dazzle from the summer months through to early autumn.

Cephalaria gigantea at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Cephalaria gigantea

Frothy lemon flowers sit atop tall, airy foliage, making this herbaceous perennial a real star of the summer border. It's perfect for the back of the border but delicate enough to not dominate if placed further forward.

Hemerocallis 'Morocco Red’ at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Hemerocallis ‘Morocco Red’

A profusion of dusky red and yellow trumpet shaped flowers make this day lily the star of the south border on the main lawn at the moment. Easy to grow and happy in full sun or partial shade, this herbaceous perennial is perfect for the summer border. Deadhead regularly for a long lasting display.

Canna ‘Panache’ at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Canna ‘Panache’

Gorgeous blooms of apricot and rose pink sit atop glaucous foliage, adding a touch of the tropics to the summer border.

Hedychium 'Assam Orange' at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Hedychium densiflorum ‘Assam Orange’

This hardy, flowering ginger boasts handsome foliage and stunning orange flowers. Surprisingly easy to grow, this clump-forming perennial is a real head-turner.