Trelissick house - behind the facade

Explorer family playing on the Terrace of Trelissick house, Cornwall

Set atop sweeping countryside, Trelissick house is a striking sight with its neoclassical columns. Erected by Thomas Daniell in 1824, this facade represented wealth and status. It’s only upon stepping inside the house that its true character as a welcoming family home becomes apparent.

However, this facade is currently undergoing some important conservation, meaning the entire front of the house is clad in scaffolding. You can find out more about this work by following the link below. 

Trelissick house with scaffolding erected on its south facade

Maintaining the facade

Why is scaffolding covering up the front of the house?

Welcoming you into the house today are friendly and knowledgeable volunteers that bring Trelissick to life. The relaxed atmosphere is accented by the melodies from those playing the piano in the drawing room. Trelissick boasts its own team of talented pianists and visitors are welcome to play. This helps preserve the delightful ambiance of a family residence in the country – the perfect space to unwind after days out across the estate. 

Tales of the past are presented through a rolling programme of exhibitions which create windows into the lives and adventures of the house’s previous residents. From 16 April the life and times of Trelissick's Ida Copeland will be revealed as part of the National Trust's Women and Power programme. Her political career, social activism and philanthropy in the early-mid 20th Century made her one of the most remarkable owners of the estate.

Promotional material for Ida Copeland's 1931 political campaign

I Dare, I Dream, I Do 

Politician, activist and philanthropist: discover the story of Ida Copeland though the rolling programme of exhibitions in Trelissick house throughout 2018.

The house itself is modestly furnished with plenty of space for visitors of all ages to spread out. Georgians favoured uncarpeted floors, large shuttered windows, impressive fireplaces and furniture in simple arrangements. With its fresh and open atmosphere, Trelissick represents a fine example of the Regency country house. Popping into the house kitchen for a spot of tea or cake you’ll find another charming setting to pause and enjoy the ambiance. Settle down in the snug, the cosy area adjoining the kitchen and an ideal social space to take a break in comfort. 

Take in the view from inside the house
The view from inside Trelissick house, Cornwall
Take in the view from inside the house

The house as it stands today was originally built in 1755 and each family that has occupied it has lent their vision to its appearance and scale. With each successive owner adding floors and facades, the different layers of the house become an allegory for its patchwork history. While each family who resided here had different backgrounds, ventures and ideals, they all shared the same view which you can enjoy today.

Come and be part of the ebb and flow of life in this warm, welcoming family home.