Explore the garden at Trelissick

Bluebells in the garden

Spring is here and there's a whole host of beautiful sights in the garden. Through the season you'll first see the glorious magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons followed by banks of bluebells, other wildflowers and finally delicate blooms of wisteria.

Explore the garden

The garden emerges in a shock of colour as spring makes itself known.

Through spring, buds and shoots awaken and bloom in an array of textures and hues. Meandering along the winding paths you’ll find maritime views and enchanting summer houses to enjoy the scenery in. On warmer days the lawns become perfect picnic spots to soak up the sun.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates the joy of the outdoors, you’ll find plenty of sights to marvel at.

Often unseen, the work of the gardeners is what makes Trelissick garden so special. You can find out more about their efforts on the garden blog where the garden team share their expert insight.

Below you'll find details of certain areas of the garden you will discover as you meander through. Different seasons bring new features to each space creating a dynamic tapestry of colours, textures and scents.

What's to see?

The towering Japanese Cedar on the main lawn at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

The main lawn

The main lawn is at the heart of the garden with sweeping views around the mixed exotic borders which are at their best in the summer months. Later in the year ginger lilies, dahlias and bananas create a rich tapestry of flower and foliage. The focal point of the lawn is the magnificent Japanese red cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) which was planted in 1898, an extremely long-lived tree that thinks nothing of growing over 1,000 years.

The orchard at Trelissick, Cornwall with the Water Tower in the background.

The Cornish orchard

Overlooked by the beautiful water tower, this orchard is yet another peaceful place to enjoy. There's lots of conservation in action here underneath its simple, rustic appearance. Originally planted over 20 years ago, the gardeners aimed to use it to preserve a number of local apple varieties and increase the biodiversity of the garden. They also restored an old apple press to its former glory which has been the centre of attention during our 'Apple Weekend' celebrations in autumn.

View from tennis lawn across the Carrick Roads

The tennis lawn

An open space with incredible views. Mind your step where the lawn meets the parkland for the 'ha-ha'. This sunken wall separates the grazed fields from the garden and provides a boundary between the two which doesn't spoil the view like a fence would. A staple feature of landscape gardens, it is so-called for the fact it is unseen and coming across it makes you exclaim 'ha-ha' in surprise and amusement.

The borders at Trelissick garden in the autumn

Trelissick garden blog 

Often unseen, the work of the gardeners is what makes Trelissick garden so special. You can find out more about their efforts on the garden blog where the garden team share their expert insight.