Neil Davies: Solo Exhibition

Neil Davies Perched on the Edge oil 18x24 inches £1425

From Neil’s Penwith studio it is possible to stride out and within minutes look out onto the moorlands and coast line of Cornwall’s far west peninsular. It is at times a wild and elemental place. This is somewhere the forces of nature have combined to create a remarkable landscape. A place humankind has strived to live since ancient times but always at the forbearance of the land and the sea. It is the inspiration of this place that is at the heart of Neil’s work.

“This new collection of paintings concerns the resilience and constancy of the forces of Nature:  over the centuries, time and again man has made his mark on the land – for good or bad – but given time, Nature will always reassert itself, healing the scars, quietly creeping back and reclaiming the landscape.  Examples can be found across Penwith, where old cottages, farm buildings and disused engine houses crumble away stone by stone, as the ivy breaks them down and the vegetation gradually returns.

There is something soothing about this inevitability, a sense that we can rely on Nature’s comfortable stability, in the knowledge that the seasons will come and go, tides will turn, and all is as it should be.

Only recently has this certainty been called into question, and we must hope that we have not now inflicted wounds too great to be overcome.”  - Neil Davies, July 2019

Preview Neil's work here and see the exhibition at Trelissick Gallery from Saturday 20 July to Sunday 8 September 2019. 

To purchase call Trelissick Gallery on 01872 861039 or Email us
To purchase call Trelissick Gallery on 01872 861039 or Email us

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