Sue Lewington workshops

Sue Lewington Trelissick Shore watercolour 58x54cm

Sue Lewington is an accomplished exhibiting artist and workshop leader. She is particularly well known for her published series of sketchbooks of Cornwall and has led sketchbook days at Trelissick for several years. 

Sue will introduce different media and various approaches to work. Although workshops are based in the Courtyard room, they may include a working outdoors element where applicable, drawing or painting around the stunning scenery of Trelissick garden. As some of the day could be spent working out of doors, please make sure that you have appropriate footwear plus suitable clothing to keep you comfortable, warm and dry. Suncream would be a good idea. A portable stool or chair would be useful as you could be moving between sketching sites.


Confident First Steps in Drawing

Sunday 14 July

Working with artist and experienced team leader Sue Lewington, learn techniques to lay the foundations for a successful drawing or sketch. 

Confident First Steps with Watercolour

Sunday 21 July  

Experiment with Sue, and learn some techniques to help you get the best from your introduction to watercolour.

Trelissick Tree I, Sue Lewington
Sue Lewington Trelissick Tree I watercolour 24x30cm
Trelissick Tree I, Sue Lewington

Further Steps with Watercolour

Sunday 28 July

Improve the quality of your watercolours with the help of Sue’s technical experience and know-how, as you explore more advanced methods with watercolour.

An Approach to Buildings and Walls

Sunday 4 August

Explore new techniques that help you improve buildings and walls in your paintings.

Rapid Sketches

Sunday 11 August  

Catch the moment. Enliven your work by adding an element of freedom with rapid sketching.

Shadow and Light 

Sunday 18 August

Explore the powerful dynamism that experimenting with light and shade bring to your work.

Words and Pictures

Sunday 1 September

How to use simple text to create a narrative in and around your pictures.

In the Docks, Sue Lewington
Sue Lewington, In the Docks mixed media 38x48cm
In the Docks, Sue Lewington

Please bring with you your materials for the day. Sue suggests such things as pencils, rubbers, pens, pastels, watercolours or watercolour pencils, watercolour sketchbook (Sue suggests A4 size), cartridge paper sketchbooks and scissors. If you need further assistance in choosing materials Sue will be happy to provide advice beforehand through the Gallery. Some specialist materials will be available on the day for a small additional fee (£3 - £5).

You might choose to bring a packed lunch, although refreshments are available in Crofters Cafe.

Please meet outside the National Trust Gallery at Trelissick. 

The tuition fee per day is £30 (non refundable), and there may be an additional charge of between £3 - £5 on the day for materials used. 
Sue’s workshops are very popular and numbers are limited so please book in advance.

If you would like to book a place please call Trelissick Gallery on 01872 861039.