Digging deeper: Trelissick garden blog

Welcome to the garden blog, where you can get inside knowledge from the garden team about their seasonal highlights. The latest post will be at the top of the page, descending through the list will take you back to earlier posts. This is a new venture, so watch this space for further installments as the seasons go by.

Gardener admires the blooms on Magnolia Dawsoniana at Trelissick, Cornwall

Digging Deeper - From winter to spring

After Storm Eunice made herself known at Trelissick. the signs of spring are always welcomed by the garden team. The winter's hard work begins to pay off with spectacular results.

The blue of late summer's hydrangeas contrast with the fiery autumn foliage of an acer in Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Digging Deeper from Summer - Autumn

A look back at the highlights of the summer garden and the garden jobs planned as we descend into autumn.

Dahlia 'Trelissick Purple' in the summer borders at Trelissick garden, Cornwall

Digging deeper - Summer borders

Trelissick's garden borders are in full bloom during summer, showing off a spectacular variety of colours and textures.

Wisteria grows on the exterior of the Trelissick's old walled garden

Digging Deeper - Spring in sight

Spring accents Trelissick with varied colours, textures and scents with help from the hard working garden team.

Illuminations light up the garden during Christmas at Trelissick, Cornwall

Digging Deeper - Winter Illuminations

Who would believe that winter could bring so much colour to the garden?

Apples and press in Trelissick orchard

Digging deeper - Autumn fruits

As summer turns to autumn there's a bounty to be discovered in the orchard. Here are its finest apples.

Beautiful hydrangea at Trelissick, Cornwall

Digging deeper - Summer colour

The late summer season brings spectacular hues to the garden with the emergence of hydrangeas.