Building Trelissick's bridge

Trelissick's new bridge in the garden

New Year, new start – that’s certainly the case at Trelissick with the onset of 2018. We have replaced our 30 year old bridge that links the two sides of the garden together. This bridge allowed countless visitors to pass across to the northern part of the garden, called Carcaddon, and is a distinctive feature for those driving to and from the King Harry Ferry. Unfortunately, these long years and millions of footsteps have taken their toll on the bridge. Inspections revealed it was in poor condition and the decision was made to replace it. 

During January this bridge was removed and a new, beautifully crafted bridge has taken its place. A fundraising campaign was launched in October last year to help raise funds needed to secure the replacement bridge. Thanks to donations from many generous individuals and local groups, the new bridge is now in place.

Below is a simple timeline of the project, outlining important milestones and moments of interest. This will be continually updated as the works unfold over the coming months. Starting from the latest development the timeline runs backwards through time; press the + signs for more information about each point.

Latest updates

03 Mar 18

The bridge is open

People can now cross the bridge to Carcaddon and see it's beautiful design for themselves. The bridge’s elegant curved design perfectly captures the spirit of Trelissick with its winding garden and rolling countryside. A closer look at its craftsmanship reveals subtle echoes of Trelissick’s historic character seen in the design of the estate’s gates and doorways. Now the bridge will become part of the garden’s history to be appreciated by generations to come.

Trelissick's new bridge in the garden

20 Feb 18

Landscaping around the new bridge

With the bridge installed, work continues to secure it and landscape the area around it. Bad weather has delayed this work and it is hoped that it will be complete by the end of February for visitors to enjoy Carcaddon once again from March.

Landscaping works around Trelissick's new garden bridge

14 Feb 18

Fundraising target achieved

Thanks to generous donations the fundraising target of £50,000 has been met and exceeded. The fundraising campaign has attracted donations from individuals from near and far, from Feock to the United States of America. A small thank you ceremony was held for donors on Valentine's Day to share the love. The first crossings of the bridge were made after a ribbon cutting.

The new bridge at Trelissick is christened