Building Trelissick's bridge

Trelissick's garden bridge spanning the road to provide access to Carcaddon

Trelissick Garden has been linked by a footbridge over the road to the King Harry Ferry for nearly two centuries, with many different bridges spanning this gap over the years. In 2017 the bridge that had stood for the last 30 years had to be replaced due to its age.

Below is a timeline of the project to replace and raise funds for a new bridge, outlining important milestones and moments of interest. Starting from the latest development the timeline runs backwards through time; press the + signs for more information about each point.

Latest updates

27 Jun 19

The bridge wins ICE award

Judges at the Institution of Civil Engineers South West (ICE) have awarded the bridge the ‘Judges Special Award’. Miranda Housden, Director of ICE South West, said: “This is a charming project that warmed the hearts of the judges. The design was perfectly engineered for its environment and definitely worth stopping by next time you are visiting the garden.”

Trelissick's garden bridge spanning the road to provide access to Carcaddon

03 Mar 18

The bridge is open

People can now cross the bridge to Carcaddon and see it's beautiful design for themselves. The bridge’s elegant curved design perfectly captures the spirit of Trelissick with its winding garden and rolling countryside. A closer look at its craftsmanship reveals subtle echoes of Trelissick’s historic character seen in the design of the estate’s gates and doorways. Now the bridge will become part of the garden’s history to be appreciated by generations to come.

Trelissick's new bridge in the garden

20 Feb 18

Landscaping around the new bridge

With the bridge installed, work continues to secure it and landscape the area around it. Bad weather has delayed this work and it is hoped that it will be complete by the end of February for visitors to enjoy Carcaddon once again from March.

Landscaping works around Trelissick's new garden bridge