Building Trelissick's bridge

Trelissick's new bridge on the morning after its installation

New Year, new start – that’s certainly the case at Trelissick with the onset of 2018. We have replaced our 30 year old bridge that links the two sides of the garden together. This bridge allowed countless visitors pass across to the northern part of the garden, called Carcaddon, and is a distinctive feature for those driving to and from the King Harry Ferry. Unfortunately, these long years and millions of footsteps have taken their toll on the bridge. Inspections revealed it was in poor condition and the decision was made to replace it. Please be aware that until the end of February there will be no visitor access to Carcaddon due to the works taking place.

Below is a simple timeline of the project, outlining important milestones and moments of interest. This will be continually updated as the works unfold over the coming months. Starting from the latest development the timeline runs backwards through time; press the + signs for more information about each point.

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20 Feb 18

Landscaping around the new bridge

With the bridge installed, work continues to secure it and landscape the area around it. Bad weather has delayed this work and it is hoped that it will be complete by the end of February for visitors to enjoy Carcaddon once again from March.

Landscaping works around Trelissick's new garden bridge

01 Feb 18

The new bridge is installed

With the help of a huge crane and favourable weather, the bridge was successfully installed. This is a huge milestone in the project and now that the bridge is in place, the final preparations can be made to ensure it is secure and blend it into the landscape of the garden. It already complements the space brilliantly, despite building site around it!

Trelissick's new bridge is installed

20 Jan 18

The new bridge is complete

Tom Beer has completed the crafting of the bridge in his workshop. All its many component parts, from the massive beams cut from singles trunks to the elegant spindles, are not yet set together permanently. This will occur onsite at Trelissick before and during the installation. There isn't a single nail, screw or bracket on this construction, each wooden component is designed to fit seamlessly into its adjacent parts. Wooden dowels will set the parts together upon installation. These dowels will fuse with the component they sit in as the green oak shrinks as it matures and dries.

Trelissick bridge fully crafted in the workshop