The knot garden

The knot garden from above

In the winter of 2013, eight hundred young yew trees were planted to map out the intricate design of a new Elizabethan knot garden.

It cleverly mirrors the geometric design of the decorative plasterwork on the ceiling of the Great Chamber in the Manor House.

The framework created by the yews plays host to purple-flowering origanum ('Herrenhausen') and the silvery flush of lavender ('Silver Mist').  

Silver Mist lavender awakens your senses
Summer detail 2

The first flashes of colour arrive with the welcome appearance of tulips and alliums in the spring, and white roses ('Sweet Child of Mine') bloom until the first frosts.

Rose in the knot garden
Sweet child of mine roses

The garden may be young but, three years on, it's already a sight to behold. Over time this garden will mature and release the heady scents of herbs and flowers, all accompanied by the buzzing of a wide range of pollinators.