Summer holidays at Trerice

children playing archery

For summer 2019 at Trerice enjoy archery, dress up like a Tudor, get creative making wild art, explore the garden and have a go at some family yoga.


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Miracle Theatre

Miracle Theatre kick off the summer at Trerice on 17 July when they bring 'A Perfect World' to the garden. 'A Perfect World' is a brand new action-packed adventure following a feisty young woman as she ventures into a ‘Boy’s Own’ world of undiscovered jungles, treasure maps, campfires and penknives.

For more information and tickets please visit their website.


During the sixteenth century archery was a sport for the gentry of England, not just an art of war. In fact the Cornish claimed to be highly skilled archers both recreationally and on the battlefield.

Using Archery GB's family friendly arrows kits give archery a go this summer holiday every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at Trerice between 11am-3pm.

Tudor costume days

Every Monday in the summer holidays dress up like a Tudor with the Trerice Costume Group. They'll be opening up their wardrobes packed to the brim with dresses, ruffs and doublets suitable for the whole family. They'll share costumes made by the volunteer team in two daily sessions at 11am-1pm and 2-4pm.

A boggit at Trerice
A boggit made with glay and greenery
A boggit at Trerice

Create some wild art

Get closer to nature and tick off one of your '50 things to do before you're 11¾' by creating wild art at Trerice this summer. Every Wednesday make 'boggets' with the team, eccentric clay heads with hair made of grass, twigs and leaves from the garden.

These sessions will run from 11am-4pm and cost £1 per bogget.


On Thursdays retreat to the second-hand bookshop and relax on bean bags and cushions while a storyteller tells enchanting original tales in two sessions at 11.45am and 2.45pm.

Family yoga

On Thursday 8 August come along to a playful and inspiring drop-in session between 1.30-2.30pm in the mowhay at Trerice. It's a chance to be silly together, stretch, play games, listen to great music and enjoy each other’s company. 

Daily activities

There'll also be a trail running throughout the summer, giving you a chance to have fun exploring the garden at Trerice. Hold your own sports day in the mowhay with all the things you need to start an egg and spoon or sack race as well as traditional games like dominos and quoits.