Test pit weekend at Trerice

As part of the national Festival of Archaeology the Trerice Archaeological Research Group will be digging test pits during the weekend of 22 July and 23 July.

Archaeology volunteers 'in pit'

The Trerice Archaeological Research Group (TARG) is made up of Trerice volunteers and staff working together, led by volunteer co-ordinator Gary Craddock and under the auspices of the National Trust Archaeological Unit South West.

Sited in the orchard, the long walk and to the rear of the barn the test pits will be TARG’s first excavation. They hope to answer some questions about the history of Trerice hidden until now.

One of the test pit sites
Trerice long walk

When did people first begin to settle at Trerice? Was there a North Wing and what remains of it? Is there buried evidence of the buildings shown on 19th century maps? Watch the teams ‘in pit’ and see their journey through the layers of Trerice’s history yourself.

Thomas Dyke Acland's sketch of the barn at Trerice, 1824
Sketch of the Barn at Trerice

In September TARG will undertake ‘The Big Mill Dig’ a full scale excavation over two sites at Trerice to determine the location of the late medieval water mill.

Conduct your own mini-dig in the undercroft, see what hidden treasures you can find with our interactive pits suitable for all.

For more information about the volunteering experience at Trerice and the part you can play contact volunteer co-ordinator Alan on 01637 839922.

Child trying on armour at Trerice
Child trying on armour at Trerice, Cornwall