Upper Wharfedale

Snowy scene of Cray in Upper Wharfedale in the Yorkshire Dales
Wharfedale footpath at Strans Wood

Ranger Run in Upper Wharfedale 

Take in some of the best features of the Upper Wharfedale valley on this scenic fell run.

Upper Wharfedale

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Upper Wharfedale


Children building a den from twigs and branches

A different way to learn 

From guided walks exploring the limestone landscapes to navigating using a GPS device and even conducting river studies on the Wharfe. Our special place is great for outdoors learning.

Upper Wharfedale

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Places to Stay in Upper Wharfedale

Upper Wharfedale

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Hardy cattle in the Yorkshire Dales

Help us continue our work 

The Dales you see today have been shaped by human intervention over hundreds of years. Many native species have been lost and others are threatened. Help us conserve and protect our special place.

View across the Upper Wharfedale valley

Become a member and help Upper Wharfedale 

Find out how you can become a member and help the Yorkshire Dales countryside.

Upper Wharfedale

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Retaining wall in Victorian woodland garden, completed by volunteers

Help out in the Dales on a Working Holiday 

Find out about some of the things we get up to on Working Holidays