Help out in the Dales on a Working Holiday

Retaining wall in Victorian woodland garden, completed by volunteers

If you’re thinking of coming on a National Trust Working Holiday, Upper Wharfedale is a fantastic place to give one a try. But what might you find yourself doing?

Generally people think of their annual break as a chance to escape from their daily routine and relax for a while. Here in Upper Wharfedale we offer people the chance to relax and also do something out of the ordinary in lovely places. You could be building a dry-stone wall, making tree guards, surfacing a footpath or controlling vegetation. During 2015, the focus for those helping was to begin restoration of features within a Victorian woodland garden.

What do people think?

" Had a great weekend & very satisfying that we managed to complete all the tasks given, all made the better by the beautiful location, the people & the perfect weather. We rebuilt old retaining walls, cleared away some spreading cherry laurel and dug out seating viewpoints. It was great! I found the experience hard work but enjoyable and more so because the work was valuable and worthwhile."
- Volunteers

Holidays for all

Our holidays cater for everyone.  We run some for 16 – 18 year olds and others for families who want to do something unlike anything they’ve done together before.  We also run Bike and Build mountain biking holidays for those who want to help out and go for a ride as well.

Where would I stay?

Everyone stays together in a cosy converted barn, Town Head Barn, in the small dales village of Buckden, with super views out of every window.  Catering is a shared responsibility and there’s always a ton to eat at the end of every day.

“I have been going to Buckden for a good many years, for the walling & the quality of the food! A bit apprehensive as Leader was one I hadn't met before. Not a problem, she looked after us very well indeed!”

How do I join in?

We run both full weeks and weekends, so how about taking a look at our Holidays website to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy?