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The Wireless Station

A gravel path leads straight ahead towards Lizard Point, and to the right to the wooden wireless station. A white A frame sits in front stating the wireless station is open.
Lizard wireless station exterior | © Katie Reynolds

In 1900 the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi undertook ground-breaking wireless experiments on The Lizard. You can see how with determination and vision, he developed technology on these remote Cornish clifftops that paved the way for today’s instant worldwide communication.

The Wireless Station

Open Monday - Thursday, 12 - 3pm, 1 April - 30 September.

Perched at Bass Point sits the small wireless station, the same building used by Marconi to receive the world’s first over the horizon radio signal. Visitors of all ages are welcome to chat with the volunteer team of enthusiastic volunteers and radio amateurs and explore the technology developed by Marconi. Step back in time and get hands on and learn how to send messages in Morse Code and learn the role Marconi's technology played in messages sent to and from the Titanic during her fateful voyage.

A wooden bench, with green hanging cloth, and shelf with technological artefacts on display.
Inside the Lizard wireless station | © Katie Reynolds

The wireless station is open Monday - Thursday, 12 - 3pm, from 1 April – 30 September.

Access to the wireless station is either a mile east along the coast path from Lizard Point or inland a mile from Lizard Village along Beacon Terrace & Lloyds Lane.

The Marconi Centre at Poldhu, famous for the first transatlantic radio signal, is run by the Poldu Amaetur Radio Club.

Marconi's birthday celebration

This year marks Marconi’s 150th birthday and there will be commemorative event, open to all, taking place at the wireless station on Saturday 27 April to celebrate.

The volunteers will be connecting with other radio amateurs around the world in the morning who will also be honouring Marconi’s birthday and technological achievements. In the afternoon there will be a bit of a birthday bash for Marconi and the wireless station will be open to all for tea, cake, demonstrations and children’s activities. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the afternoon with the volunteer team, celebrating Marconi & the technological discoveries he made which have paved the way towards the technology we use today.

Man listening to sound recordings in the Lizard Wireless Station at Lizard Point, Cornwall
Man listening to sound recordings in the Lizard Wireless Station | © National Trust Images/Layla Astley