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Visitor sitting on a bench looking at the sun on the entrance tower at Castle Drogo, Devon.
Visitor sitting on a bench looking at the sun on the entrance tower at Castle Drogo, Devon. | © National Trust Images/John Millar

Castles and forts in Devon

From castles to hillforts, there are defences to discover across Devon including bunkers and observation look-out points from the Second World War.

Castles in Devon

Step back in time with your family this winter with a visit to Devon.

The doll's house made in 1906, in the Service Corridor at Castle Drogo, Devon

Castle Drogo 

Explore the castle’s interior and discover its precious treasures and family stories. As the last castle to be built in England modern features were included for the ambitious owner.

Three visitors, one in a wheelchair and a guide beneath the main portcullis at Compton Castle, Devon

Compton Castle 

Step inside this fortified medieval manor, complete with a Great Hall, Solar and sub solar, and learn about the lives of people that once called it home.

The 13th-century Marisco Castle on the island of Lundy

Marisco Castle on Lundy Island 

Discover an island undisturbed by cars, the island encompasses a small village with an inn, Victorian church and the 13th-century Marisco Castle.

Forts in Devon

Discover the sites of Iron Age hillforts, Roman forts and modern defences used during the Second World War.

Three adults and a small child walk along a woodland trail at Killerton, Devon

Iron Age fort at Killerton 

Climb an extinct volcano of Dolbury Hill, home to a legendary dragon. At the top you'll find an Iron Age hillfort and views across the Exe Valley.

Visitors walking at the Civil War fort found at Gallants Bower, Little Dartmouth, Devon

The Civil War fort at Gallants Bower 

Discover the ruins of an English Civil War fort at Gallants Bower, Little Dartmouth, or enjoy a gentle walk through Crownley Woods. Enjoy views for miles and historic monuments along the way.

Distant view of walkers on an accessible path at Bolberry Down, Devon

Iron Age fort at Bolberry Down 

Discover a 2,500-year-old Iron Age fort on a walk to Bolt Tail. Spot the radar stations which reveal the part Bolberry Down played in protecting Britain during the Second World War.

A view of the rugged coastline at Froward Point, Devon

Brownstone and Coleton Camp 

Explore a stretch of coast complete with Second World War coastal defence positions. Hidden amongst the trees you'll come across a collection of fascinating buildings, including the gun and searchlight positions.


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A woodland path scattered with autumn leaves though Holne Woods, Devon.

Iron Age hillfort at Hembury 

Discover Hembury Castle which consists of an Iron Age hillfort with a later Norman motte and bailey. The name Hembury means 'high castle' and is an apt description of this great earthwork.

View looking down at the coastline and beach at Woody Bay, North Devon

Martinhoe Roman fortlet 

This small square Roman fortlet is situated on cliffs overlooking Heddon's Mouth. It can be reached from the coast path between Heddon Valley and Woody Bay.

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    The South Front and lawn at Knightshayes on a sunny day

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