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Things to see and do in the Sidmouth countryside

Walking the South West Coast Path at East Soar, South Devon
Walking on the South West Coast Path | © National Trust Images/Trevor Ray Hart

With gentle countryside walks and coastal hikes to follow, flora and fauna to spot, and places to run, the Sidmouth countryside has plenty on offer year-round.

Walking in the Sidmouth countryside

There are a number of walks that start from Salcombe Hill car park, just outside of Sidmouth. Follow an accessible circular route with views in both directions along the Jurassic coastline, or pick a more strenuous route.

Detailed trails can be found on our website.

Cliff and rock falls at East Beach

Following recent cliff and rock falls along the coast between Sidmouth and Salcombe Mouth, we urge you to stay well back when using the coast path along the cliff top, and away from the undercliff when on the beaches. Please follow safety signs on site, the cliffs are unstable and liable to rock falls at any time.

Sunny view over flowering clifftop gorse bushes down to the seaside town of Sidmouth, red sandstone cliffs in the distance
The view from Salcombe Hill down to Sidmouth on the Jurassic Coast | © Lucy Buckingham

Livestock may be grazing the cliffland

Please keep dogs on a lead. If animals become curious and approach, follow our tips below.

  • Stay calm and do not run.
  • Avoid getting between cows and calves.
  • If walking with a dog, let go of its lead and meet up with your dog further along the path.
  • If animals are blocking the path, whistle, talk or clap, which lets them know you are there and encourages them to move. If they are still blocking the way then it may be best to avoid passing them and find an alternative route.
Sunny view over flowering clifftop gorse bushes down to the seaside town of Sidmouth, red sandstone cliffs in the distance

Discover more at Sidmouth countryside

Find out when Sidmouth shop is open, where to explore in the Sidmouth countryside, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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