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Wildlife at Badbury Rings

Pink and white flowers on a long stem amid rough grass
Common spotted orchids (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) flowering at Badbury Rings, Dorset, in June | © National Trust Images/Ross Hoddinott

As one of only a few chalk downlands in Dorset, Badbury Rings is a haven for many species of wild orchid, butterflies, birds and much more. Discover what to look out for as well as some of the work that we're doing to give nature a helping hand.

The chalk grassland habitat at Badbury Rings is home to many nationally rare species such as the greater butterfly orchid, birds nest orchid and frog orchid.

It also supports many different invertebrates including the scarce Adonis blue, the dingy skipper and the grizzled skipper.

Badbury Rings is an important feeding and breeding site for red listed, ground-nesting birds such as skylark and corn bunting. 

Two volunteers in the garden at Allan Bank and Grasmere, Cumbria


Each year thousands of volunteers join us in caring for all the special places you love.

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