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Things to do at Clouds Hill

The Bookroom at Clouds Hill, Dorset
The Bookroom at Clouds Hill | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Step inside the rural retreat of TE Lawrence at Clouds Hill, Dorset. Discover the cottage where Lawrence of Arabia sat to write, read and relax, a short distance away from army life at the Bovington Camp.

Explore inside the cottage

From a huge day bed for reading in a room full of books, to the shed where he kept his beloved motorbike, the cottage is small but packed with plenty to see.

The Book Room

The Book Room was where Lawrence would relax in the evenings, escaping from the hustle and bustle of army life at Bovington Camp.

The large, leather-covered bed was for reading rather than sleeping. The room contains many of Lawrence's original possessions, and a reading chair which he had specially made to fit his small frame.

The Bathroom

Hot baths were one of Lawrence's favourite luxuries. Although he didn't have a toilet at the cottage, he installed the bathroom, lined the walls with cork and fed water up through a pump from a nearby tank. He also fitted a boiler into the room to heat the water.

The Music Room

The Music Room was where Lawrence would write and entertain his guests. Sometimes they would listen to music played on the special gramophone Lawrence had made, with its huge horn. At other times they would chat or eat simple suppers.

‘I've taken a little cottage (half ruinous) a mile from camp, and water-tighted it to act as a room for myself. There I hope in future to do my writing, which is becoming more and more a habit.’

– TE Lawrence, 1923

The Bunk Room

Although Lawrence slept in barracks at nearby Bovington Camp, he let his guests stay overnight in the Bunk Room. He made the ships' cabin bed himself and on top you can see his sleeping bag. He also kept food such as cheese and nuts in glass bell jars in this room. He lined the Bunk Room with metal foil to keep it cool.

The Motorbike Shed

Lawrence was passionate about motorbikes and owned several Brough Superiors during his time at Clouds Hill. These were the highest quality and fastest motorbikes available at the time. They were tailor-made for him and he kept them in the shed. Today the shed contains a display about Lawrence's life and some basic facilities for making tea and coffee.

Take in the view from the hill

In the evening Lawrence loved to climb up to the top of the small hill overlooking the cottage. He would spend time there looking down onto the peaceful cottage in quiet meditation.

Enjoy your own peaceful moment during your visit to Clouds Hill, perhaps while eating a picnic on the bench.

Brass rubbing trail

As a young boy, Lawrence was fascinated with medieval history and imagery. Aged nine, he discovered brass rubbing and would visit local churches creating rubbings from medieval tombs.

You now have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and complete your own rubbings from eight zinc plaques hidden in the hillside surrounding the cottage, each with an image relating to a key time in Lawrence’s life. Trail sheets and crayons are provided – although aimed at children, visitors of all ages are invited to try it.

The trail has been funded with the help of South Dorset National Trust Association.

Inside Clouds Hill

Take a closer look inside a few of the cottage's rooms.

The view from inside the Book Room with the window at the end at Clouds Hill, Dorset
The Book Room at Clouds Hill | © National Trust Images / James Dobson

The Book Room

TE Lawrence would relax on the day bed in the Book Room.

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The Bookroom at Clouds Hill, Dorset

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The Bookroom at Clouds Hill, Dorset

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