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Naturism at Studland Bay

The sun rising over Knoll Beach with grasses in the foreground at Studland Bay, Dorset
Sunrise over Knoll Beach at Studland, Dorset | © National Trust Images/David Sellman

With a history stretching back as far as the 1920s, naturism has become a distinctive part of the Studland Peninsula. Today, Studland has probably the best known official naturist beach in Britain. Learn where clothing is optional and how to reach, or avoid, this part of the beach.

Naturism at Studland

The National Trust welcomes naturists and has marked out nearly 1km of beach where clothing is optional.

We’re working with partners including Studland Beach Users Action Group, British Naturism and the police to keep Studland safe and family-friendly.

Respect others

We ask that naturists and non-naturists respect the rights of others and refrain from behaviour likely to cause offence. Police and rangers patrol regularly and will be happy to help with any concerns.

British Naturism holds regular beach days at Studland.

Please the British Naturism webpage for further information.

An aerial view of the beach at Studland Bay in Dorset in spring
The beach at Studland Bay | © National Trust Images / Chris Lacey

British Naturism beach code

These are suggestions for beach users from British Naturism:

  • Only the dress code is different
  • Avoid being a nuisance
  • Respect people's space
  • Don't be an exhibitionist
  • Avoid confronting or approaching textiles (clothed people)
  • Any sexual activity is unwelcome and criminal in a public place
  • Naturists are a trusting and trustworthy bunch but please keep your valuables safe
  • Always report crime

Find out more about the British Naturism Code

Where is the naturist beach?

The naturist area is located on Knoll Beach and comprises of a 900m stretch of coastline.

The area is clearly marked with green-topped posts and signs. We ask naturists to be clothed if they're outside the designated area.

How to avoid the area

If you wish to avoid this area, please use the Heather Walk trail through the dunes.

Expanding the naturist area

In April 2013 we expanded the naturist area ­following requests for more space from naturist groups.

The boundary of the northern section of the naturist area was extended approximately 50 metres inland where it is marked with green posts.

Posts marking the old boundary were left in place as removing them would damage the dunes, but they were repainted brown.

Facilities at Studland's naturist beach

Car park facilities

There are National Trust car parks at Shell Bay and Knoll Beach, a walk of approximately half an hour from the naturist beach.

Daytime parking is also available on Ferry Road (non-NT) subject to a Traffic Management Order.

Nearest toilets

The nearest toilets are at Shell Bay car park and Knoll beach. Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities available at the naturist beach itself.

Café location

The café is next to the car park at Knoll Beach.

Flowering marram grass stabilising dune ridge behind the sandy beach, Studland Heath, Dorset
Marram grass stabilising a dune ridge behind the beach at Studland | © National Trust Images

Inappropriate behaviour

We want everyone to feel safe at Studland and indecent behaviour will not be tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted, including those making inappropriate use of photographic or filming equipment and drones, which may be confiscated as evidence.

How to report inappropriate behaviour

If you witness any incidents of inappropriate behaviour please report this to the police on 999.

Please also inform the Studland team on 01929 450500.

Studland Beach Users Action Group

SBUAG was set up in 2005 as a way of addressing beach issues. The group is made up of the emergency services, the National Trust, local businesses, naturist organisations, Parish council and others. SBUAG community wardens assist with beach patrols in peak season.

Beach safety at Studland

Heath fires are a constant threat at Studland, but we can all do our bit to prevent them. No fires or barbecues are permitted. Studland was a military training area in the Second World War and some unexploded ordnance remains. If you see anything suspicious please do not touch it, just call 999.

Please inform the Studland team on 01929 450500

An aerial view of the beach at Studland Bay in Dorset in spring

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