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Snowshill Manor and Garden, Gloucestershire.jpg
Snowshill Manor and Garden | © National Trust/Laura Williams
Gloucestershire & the Cotswolds

Snowshill to Littleworth Wood circular walk

This challenging walk will give you the chance to explore the countryside around Snowshill village and the Vale of Evesham, and take in views towards the Malvern Hills.

Total steps: 13

Total steps: 13

Start point

Parish car park, near Snowshill Manor and Garden. Grid ref: SP096341

Step 1

From the parish car park, head for the kissing gate at the main entrance to Snowshill Manor and Garden. After passing through it, cross the field diagonally, heading for the row of three large ash trees. You'll eventually come to another gate.

Step 2

Pass through the gate and head diagonally downhill across the field, passing between the remains of a Victorian water system.

Step 3

Pass through the waymarked kissing gate and walk down the steep track towards a wooded area (Piper's Grove Wood), bearing to the left.

Step 4

Continue through the five-bar gate and you'll come to a small stream on the edge of Piper's Grove Wood (it can get very muddy here). Cross the stream and keep left until you get to a gate leading into an open field. Don't go through this gate but turn right, keeping the ancient hawthorn and hazel hedgerow on your left. Continue to follow the hedgerow line as the land rises to meet an open field.

Step 5

Pass through another five-bar gate and continue to climb up through open fields, keeping to the left. This is quite a steep climb, so you might want a breather halfway up.

Step 6

Follow the fence line to the top of the slope and turn right at the metal kissing gate opposite Brough Wood (private).

Step 7

With Brough Wood on your left, follow the track until you reach a metal field gate. Continue through the gate and, after a few paces, bear left through a kissing gate. Cross the field until you reach another kissing gate.

Step 8

Go through this kissing gate and bear left, passing through a five-bar gate to join the Cotswold Way. Follow the main track, ignoring the stile to your right. Pass through another metal field gate and keep following the Cotswold Way signs for approximately 1 mile (1.6km) as the track climbs upwards. Ignore any tracks that branch off.

Step 9

Continue along the track until you get to the point where the Cotswold Way turns right across a cattle grid. You should ignore this and continue bearing to the left on the original track (now a small road) as it slopes downhill. You'll soon see a National Trust sign for Littleworth Wood on your left.

Step 10

Pass through the kissing gate and follow the track, which leads across the top corner of the wood. Ignore any branching tracks along the way.

Step 11

Pass through the kissing gate at the edge of the wood. Cross the open field diagonally towards the metal kissing gate near the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 12

Pass through the gate, then turn right and almost immediately left at the T-junction. Continue along this road until you reach the main road into the village.

Step 13

Turn left onto the village road and follow it downhill, past the church and the Snowshill Arms pub. Continue walking along the road and, as you reach the brow of the hill, you'll see the parish car park on your left.

End point

Parish car park, near Snowshill Manor and Garden. Grid ref: SP096341

Trail map

Snowshill Manor and Garden, Gloucestershire.jpg
Snowshill Manor and Garden | © National Trust/Laura Williams

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