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Great Big Green Week Festival at Scotney Castle

White-tailed bumblebee on wild carrot flower
White-tailed bumblebee on wild carrot flower | © Nick Upton

We're celebrating Great Big Green Week with a week-long programme of nature walks, talks and tours. Find out what's going on each day and click to reserve your place.

Select your activities from the table below. Click on the links for more information and, where applicable, the live booking page so you can reserve your place. The Guided Estate Walks listed in italics and without links are drop-in events with no need to book in advance.

Do also remember to book your parking in advance to guarantee entry on your chosen day and time.







10 June

Discovering the Scotney reptiles

Growing cut flowers

11 June

Medicinal plants Garden Tour

Guided Estate Tour

Tips for growing your own veg

Dragonfly walk and talk

Medicinal plants Garden Tour

12 June

Amphibians and Pond Dipping

Guided Estate Tour

Managing lawns with wildlife in mind

Meet our butterfly surveyor

Guided Estate Tour

13 June

Medicinal plants Garden Tour

Boosting bees and biodiversity

Get to know your garden birds

Medicinal plants Garden Tour

14 June

Amphibians and Pond Dipping

Gardening for Climate Change

Butterfly and pollinator surveys

8/9 & 15/16 June)

Guided Estate Tour

Guided Estate Tour

Daily 10am-5pm

‘Changed Priorities Ahead’: Created on road signs, Nessie Ramm’s art showcases our native wildflowers thriving on verges, laybys and car parks. Displays in the old castle (11am-4pm) and the garden (10am-5pm).

Painted lady butterfly
Painted lady butterfly | © Nick Upton

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Oil painting on Changed Priorities Ahead road sign of teazels and goldfinches

'Changed Priorities Ahead' exhibition (1 June–20 October) 

With a display in the old castle and a trail in the garden, 'Changed Priorities Ahead' showcases the work of nature artist, Nessie Ramm. Nessie paints our native wildflowers with exquisite detail as they thrive undisturbed on roundabouts, slip roads and laybys. Using metal road signs as her canvas, her large-scale art renders visible the wildness and value of these unloved spaces.


Scotney Sub-tropical Garden 

Discover our plans for new sub-tropical garden at Scotney nestled within the inner courtyard of the old ruined castle as part of Scotney's work to mitigate against the effects of climate change.

A sea of pink rhododendrons with Scotney's mansion house at the top of the hill

Discover the Picturesque garden at Scotney 

The 30-acre garden at Scotney was created by Edward Hussey III in the 1830s. When he built the new house he wanted the garden to encompass and beautifully frame the ruin of the old castle while seamlessly blending the boundaries of the surrounding estate to create a Picturesque garden. Today, the garden team are mindful of this vision as we maintain viewpoints and open up new ones.

Scotney Castle Sussex cow feasting on blackthorn

Conservation grazing at Scotney Castle 

Discover how we're working with Kent Wildlife Trust to help manage the grassland on part of the Scotney estate.