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Things to see at Jack Scout

A sunny day at Jack Scout's cliffs at Arnside and Silverdale, Lancashire
A sunny day at Jack Scout's cliffs at Arnside and Silverdale, Lancashire | © National Trust Images/John Millar

It’s the contrasts that make Jack Scout such a special place to visit. Explore secluded paths between the bushes and find the hidden ways down to pebble beaches, where children (and adults) can beachcomb and rock-scramble. Or stand on the cliff and soak up the views of Morecambe Bay, the Lakeland fells and the surrounding countryside.

See the Arnside tidal bore

The view of Morecombe Bay is a big draw for Jack Scout, and it’s also an excellent place to see the Arnside tidal bore. The tidal bore is a rare phenomenon where the incoming tide is forced through a narrow bay against the direction of the bay’s current. The push and pull of the tide and current causes a tidal wave. Pay a visit in spring after a lot of rain to see the highest waves. There’s a siren to indicate when it’s on its way.

Find fossils in the limestone

You can’t miss the grey limestone all over Arnside and Silverdale. Formed about 330 million years ago when warm seas left marine sediments in layers which later became compressed and turned into rock, it is one of the oldest features of the landscape here.

Look carefully in the coastal limestone at Jack Scout and you may discover some good examples of coral fossils and brachiopod fossils.

Oystercatcher on the quay at Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour, Dorset
Oystercatcher on the quay at Brownsea Island | © National Trust Images/John Millar

Birdwatching at Jack Scout

Birds are in abundance at Jack Scout so don’t forget your binoculars. If you time your visit right, after the daytime walkers have gone home, you will be welcomed by calling birds. See if you can spot oystercatchers and curlews digging in the sand with the sea lapping nearby, and look out for warblers and blackbirds on the land.

As one of two cliffs in the area, it’s a good place for breeding songbirds, but you’ll also spot some weary migrating birds taking the opportunity for a bit of a pit stop.

Sunset from the Giant’s Seat

For the best seat in the house when the sun is setting, look for the Giant’s Seat overlooking Morecambe Bay. The large limestone bench is big enough to fit four and has been a beloved spot for soaking up the view (and some peace and quiet) for generations. You’ll also find a lime kiln at the north end of Jack Scout.

Jack Scout is a fantastic spot for a picnic but do please remember to take any litter home with you.

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