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Explore the garden at Stoneywell

A lush view of the garden at Stoneywell on a sunny day, with a stone wall in the foreground surrounded by fern fronds, and bushes, trees and flowers visible beyond
The garden in summer at Stoneywell | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

With four acres of garden and 11 acres of woodland, Stoneywell's grounds were designed to produce colour all year round, so there's always something bright to discover as you explore. Find interesting garden features, seasonal highlights and wildlife to spot in the garden here.

Things to see in the garden

The garden at Stoneywell was created with the intention of bringing colour all year round, so you’re bound to see lots of flowers in bloom as you explore the winding paths surrounding the cottage. Here are some interesting features to look out for among the abundance of colour.

Colourful rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are a principal feature of the gardens at Stoneywell, with around 150 varieties planted around the grounds. Fringing the drive and tennis courts before extending into the woodland, the rhododendrons produce a succession of flowers, and there’s always something in bloom.

With lots of pinks and reds blossoming in spring, look out for less conspicuous but beautiful yellow rhododendrons. Early summer is also a great time to see a bright display.

Tennis court

As you stroll around the garden, pause a while on the neatly kept tennis court, built in 1903–1905. Sydney Gimson was a keen tennis player and had the court built by blasting the rock, levelling it several times, then seeding and erecting the fencing.

Today the tennis court is a great place for a spot of boules, or a picnic on a sunny day.

Close-up image of a rhododendron bush blooming with red flowers in the garden at Stoneywell
Red rhododendrons at Stoneywell | © National Trust Images/Susan Guy

Stone fort

At the highest point of the garden sits a stone fort, built by Basil Gimson. It provides spectacular views of the city of Leicester and the surrounding countryside, including Bradgate Park with its tower and memorial. Have a peek into the stone fort on your next visit.

Eleven acres of woodland

In addition to the four-acre garden, Stoneywell is home to an 11-acre woodland, perfect for taking a longer stroll through the countryside.

Look out for bluebells in spring, and listen for the soundtrack of birds throughout the year – from the tap-tap of the great spotted woodpecker to the ‘yaffle’ of the green woodpecker. Stoneywell Wood is a haven for birds of all shapes and sizes, from blue tits and nuthatches to buzzards and sparrow hawks.

The entrance to the woodland at Stoneywell on a sunny day, with a grassy path visible between the trees, a low stone wall and piled logs to the left
Entering the woodland at Stoneywell | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Guided garden tours

Learn more about Stoneywell’s colourful garden on a guided tour with our passionate team of garden volunteers, who have a wealth of knowledge and passion for Stoneywell.

Enjoy a 45-minute stroll through the four acres, taking in the sights and scents of the plants and trees. To enquire about garden tours, please call before booking your visit.

A view of the north end of Stoneywell, an Arts and Crafts cottage, with a sloping lawn on the right and a bare tree in front of the house on the left

Book your visit

Please note you need to book tickets to Stoneywell. You can book for today up until 8am. Every Thursday time slots will be available for the next 14 days.

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