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Family-friendly things to do at Longshaw

Visitors climbing on a tree in the Owler Tor area of Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire
Explore Longshaw with your family | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

Longshaw Estate provides a stunning backdrop for an adventure in the great outdoors. It’s a great hub to start from before you explore Burbage and the Eastern Moors, where you can enjoy the view from Dukes Seat or take a walk through Padley Gorge. Find out what family-friendly events are coming up and how best to plan your day out.

Join us for Autumn Adventures

There’s a jam-packed list of things to do this Autumn as you discover a world of possibilities, colour and adventure at Longshaw.

Take your pick of a range of activities taking place during half term including Spooky Trails, drop in spooky crafts, Decorate and assemble your lantern before embarking on a walk through the woods, using it to light your way as you follow the mysterious guide (with spooky snacks included).

For more information and details of dates to enjoy these activities take a look at the Autumn Adventures events on offer.

Family of three walking through Longshaw during Autumn
Family enjoying Autumn at Longshaw | © ©National Trust Images/Robert Morris

Family walks at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors

Whether you're looking for a short wander or a big adventure, Longshaw's a great place to come for a family walk. It’s a good hub to start from before you explore Burbage and the Eastern Moors, where you can enjoy the view from Dukes Seat or take a walk through Padley Gorge.

Longshaw is covered with a maze of footpaths, so let us help you find your way. We have three waymarked walks, all starting from outside the Longshaw Lodge – simply follow the coloured arrows. Take a photo of the map on the outside of the Welcome Building in the Woodcroft car park so you have a map with you at all times.

Short walk

For a short family wander follow the pink arrows from nearby the Longshaw Lodge to the pond. This route includes steps and goes across terrain that varies with the weather. There are fences in this area to keep the cattle separate from the pathway.

Longer walk

Want to venture further? Follow the pink arrows on a 1.5-mile circular walk to Padley Gorge, where paddling and picnics are popular, but please remember to take all your litter home with you. The circuit continues along the brook and back through twisting woods on a stone track, past boulders that you can picnic and play on.

Waymarked walks

There are two other waymarked walks, both starting from near the Longshaw Lodge. The orange walk is about 1 mile, and depending on the time of year can be accessible with a buggy or wheelchair.

Our rangers work hard to maintain this path but sometimes after heavy rainfall the path can present a challenging terrain for buggies and wheelchairs, so please bear this in mind when planning your trip.

For those wanting a little more of a challenge, the blue walk is a little longer and takes you on a 3-mile walk. This route includes kissing gates and a main road crossing.

Help look after the places you love to visit by taking only photographs and leaving only footprints (or pawprints) behind.

Children building a den from sticks at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire
Visitors at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire | © National Trust Images / Trevor Ray Hart

'50 things to do before you’re 11¾'

Challenge yourself to tick off the list of 50 outdoor adventures, from rock clambering to watching a sunset. How many can you do at Longshaw? Here's a few suggestions to get you started:

Visitors walking along the accessible path at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire
Try Longshaw's accessible route for a walk with all the family | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

Wonderful wildlife to see at Longshaw

Take a look at some of the creatures great and small that you could discover on your next visit to Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors

Three red deer in a meadow at Longshaw looking at the camera. Two of them have new growth antlers at different stages.
Red deer in a meadow at Longshaw | © Kev Dunnington

Red deer like to roam at across the Longshaw, Burbage and Eastern Moors estate.

The red deer are familiar faces here. They roam freely but you can often see them in the meadows and woodlands. Please make sure you keep admire them from afar so you don't disturb them.

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Visitors walking along the family trail at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, Derbyshire

Discover more at Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors

Find out how to get to Longshaw, Burbage and the Eastern Moors, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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