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A view of Dunster Castle, Lover's Bridge, and Dunster Watermill from Bats Castle Walk
Discover Dunster Castle from a new perspective on the Bats Castle Walk | © Harriet Pinches

Bats Castle from Dunster Castle Walk

A longer walk with steep climbs up to Bats Castle, a well-preserved Iron Age hillfort, with memorable views to be had over the Bristol Channel and across Exmoor as a reward. There is also the opportunity to spot wildlife such as the native Exmoor pony as you stroll through woods, heath and pasture.

Total steps: 14

Total steps: 14

Start point

Dunster Castle Car Park

Step 1

With your back to the castle, walk past the picnic area. Just past the bottom of the picnic area turn right through a kissing gate into parkland. Follow this path diagonally right, skirting the bottom of the picnic area for a few metres then continuing to follow it towards the right-hand corner of the field.

Step 2

In the corner of the field you will see a wooden gate leading to a bridge over the River Avill. This is signposted 'Permitted Path Gallox Bridge'. Go through this gate and turn left over the bridge then continue to follow the path, keeping the Avill on your right. Keep on this path for about 500 yards, passing Lovers' Bridge and Dunster Watermill before reaching a small wooden bridge.

Step 3

Cross the wooden bridge. Here you can explore Gallox Bridge, a historic medieval packhorse bridge, to your right. When you've finished, turn left (from the wooden bridge) and follow the path up past a pretty, yellow thatched cottage, signposted to 'Bat's Castle, Carhampton'.

Step 4

After about 100 yards you will reach a crossroads of paths. Here, take the path curving up to the right signposted 'Bridleway Bat's Castle'. Continue up this path for about 500 yards until you reach a fork in the path. Here, take the left-hand path and continue up the hill for about half a mile.

Step 5

You will reach another fork in the path, with the left-hand path leading through a tall wooden fence and signposted to Gallox Hill and Bats Castle. Following this path, go through the gate and turn slightly to the right to continue on the path straight ahead as it climbs a little further uphill.

Step 6

Follow the well-trodden path as it meanders across the top of the hill. After about 300 yards it will dip down slightly. Ignore the path down on your left and continue to follow the path as it curves back up the hill, signposted 'MAC Bat's Castle'.

Step 7

Keeping on the right-hand path, continue for a quarter of a mile. You will then reach the remains of an Iron Age hillfort with extremely well-preserved earthworks and impressive views over Exmoor and the Bristol Channel. Take time to explore the fort before continuing to follow the path straight on.

A wide-reaching view of Exmoor from Bat's Castle
Wide-reaching views of Exmoor from Bats Castle | © Harriet Pinches

Step 8

The path meanders across the hill top for about half a mile: continue along it, ignoring paths to the left and right. At the end of this path, you will reach a crossroad of paths and a tall wooden gate, signposted to Withycombe. Follow the path through the gate and turn left.

Step 9

Through the gate, there is a signpost pointing left for 'Restricted Byway Carhampton'. Follow the path to the left down for about a mile. About halfway down you will pass Park Lane Carhampton reservoir.

Step 10

At a fork in the path, you will see a signpost to Dunster. Follow this signpost through the tall wooden gate on the left, then make your way straight across the field, aiming for a small wooden gate near a stream at the far end. When you reach this gate, go straight through and continue on the path across the second field.

Step 11

Keep following this path for about half a mile until you see another tall wooden gate. Go through this gate and turn right and walk about 100 yards back past the thatched cottage to Gallox Bridge. This time cross the bridge and carry on up the road.

Step 12

Across Gallox Bridge, walk about 100 yards before taking the path to your right between a small car park and pink thatched cottage, signposted Mill Gardens and Public Bridleway. At the end of this path, you can turn to your right to visit the tearoom for a well deserved pick-me-up. The walk continues to the left, up Mill Lane.

Step 13

Walk up Mill Lane until you reach Dunster High Street. Staying on the right-hand side, turn right and follow the road up for about 100 yards. You will then see a pair of wooden gates and signs to the castle: go through these gates and keep walking up.

Step 14

As you walk along here, there is the opportunity to visit the toilets as well as the National Trust shop. When you are ready, follow the path past the ticket office and through a set of wooden bollards, and curve down to the left back to the car park.

End point

Dunster Castle Car Park

Trail map

Bat's Castle from Dunster Castle walk map
Bat's Castle from Dunster Castle walk map | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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