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View of the path in the Albana Woods at Ickworth
Explore the Albana walk at Ickworth | © National Trust Images / David Kirkhem

Ickworth Estate | Albana Walk

Follow this short circular walk through some of the woodlands around Ickworth. If you have the energy when you walk along the Trim Trail try your hand on various fitness objects, ranging from pole climbing to ladder walks and leap frog.

Total steps: 6

Total steps: 6

Start point

Porter's Lodge, grid reference TL8154161537

Step 1

Start by heading towards the Albana walk by taking the path through the laurel hedge opposite Porter's Lodge. Continue along the path, through what is known as the Walnut Paddock, until you reach two five bar gates. Proceed through both gates.

Step 2

Just after the second five bar gate the path divides alongside an old grave style stone marked “Albana Walk”. Take the right fork and passing the Fawn Summerhouse, which is currently in disrepair and closed. Carrying on, follow the trail as it curves first to the left and then to the right. You will come across another path crossing yours. Turn left to the tall metal gate to view Round Hill which used to be used as a deer enclosure and here is an old shepherd's hut. Retrace your steps to the trail.

Step 3

As you continue along the trail after a while you will come to a large green sign for the Trim Trail. Turn to the right to follow the trail for the full walk or turn left for a shorter Albana walk.

Step 4

After the Trim Trail, you will rejoin the Albana walk. Keep going straight ahead. As you walk along this path, you may hear or observe circling buzzards. Along this walk on your left there are couple of Yew Tree avenues to explore if you would like a detour, however the path is soft under foot and can be quite muddy and difficult for mobility scooters. Just before the gazebo there is a rare 100 year old Box Tree.

Step 5

Moving on not far from the old oak tree you will recognise the point where you forked right at the beginning of the walk. Turn right and go back through the two five bar gates. After the second five bar gate turn right and keep on this path, where you will get a view across the Deer Park to St Mary’s Church.

Step 6

Continuing straight past the groves, follow the path as it curves through the woodland. You'll eventually reach a path junction with the paved multi-use trail. Turn left to head back to the start point.

End point

Finish back at Porter's Lodge

Trail map

Ickworth Albana walk map
Ickworth Albana Walk Map | © (c) Ordnance Survey

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