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Rewiring at Powis Castle

Black and white electrical switches
The re-wiring project aims to upgrade wiring within 109 rooms | © National Trust Images / Paul Harris

How do you re-wire a 13th century castle? With lots of care and attention to detail. A specialist team will be lifting some of the panelling and floorboards within this historic castle during 2024, potentially also uncovering some hidden secrets and architectural discoveries which may not have been seen for hundreds of years.

Caring for and looking after each property is central to our cause. After some research and thorough consultation, it was decided that the castle is ready for updated electricals and wider surveys where needed, which can best suit its needs and the needs of visitors in the future.

What is the project?

The re-wiring project aims to upgrade wiring within 109 rooms, or around 200 if you include stairs and passageways.

A specialist team will remove panelling from the walls to survey electrical wiring, whilst also recording any historical or architectural finds along the way.

Floorboards will also be carefully lifted in sections as needed, uncovering the fabric and allowing the existing wiring to be removed and replaced with new cabling.

What does the project aim to do?

The project looks ahead to the future to ensure that the electrical wiring within the castle is fit for purpose and can be used for many years to come .
As areas of the building fabric are revealed, it allows for an increase in knowledge and understanding of building fabric and construction techniques.

The project will allow specialists to learn and record of how these historic places were built. Discoveries can help to shape future educational content on areas where we currently have little or no information currently available. For example, the understanding on how the intricate internal woodwork in the dining room was constructed as part of the remodelling by famous architect G.F Bodley.

A silver light switch on a blue wall below a tapestry
A specialist team will remove panelling from the walls to survey electrical wiring | © National Trust Images / Paul Harris

When will this happen?

The project has been phased, to contain works to one area of the castle at a time. Conservation work will take place within the castle throughout 2024 and into 2025.

How long will it take?

We have planned for around 18 months, but due to the unknown conditions of what lies beneath some floorboards and walls, work will need to be adaptable depending on what we find. Therefore, it would be unrealistic to give a final date for the works but we hope to complete the work sometime in 2025.

Will this affect my visit to the castle?

We aim to keep this special place open at all times for everyone to enjoy, and to share and learn more about the intricate works happening to the construction of the historic building where possible.
Depending on where the work is taking place, some areas may be cordoned off or limited temporarily. However, we will keep areas open to share finds.

Where can I find out more information and updates?

As the project progresses, we’ll be updating this page with all the latest news and updates so be sure to check back to discover more.
Thank you for your support and understanding as we undertake this important conservation work. We hope you can join us this year to learn more about how we care for this special place. Every visit, donation and membership helps to protect and care for this historic building so it can be enjoyed by the next generation.

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