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Exploring Dinton Park

View of Philipps House in Dinton Park, Wiltshire
View of Philipps House in Dinton Park, Wiltshire | © National Trust Images / Emma Weston

Dinton Park is an ideal place to walk and reconnect with nature. The parkland offers walks in the country with paths and woodlands. Benches give an opportunity to stop and pause to admire the wildlife. Find out more about the house and parkland.

Dinton Park

Explore the bowl-shaped parkland and experience the tranquillity of this place. Walk the many paths through the parkland and woodland and switch off from the world for an hour or two. Rest on one of the benches and admire the view across the landscape. Look beyond the park for views to Salisbury and see the cathedral spire on a clear day.

Ancient trees

Take a walk through more than 230 acres of classical English parkland featuring mature beech and sweet chestnut woodland. Many of the enormous veteran sweet chestnuts are over 250 years old and may even pre-date the park itself. These large trees can be found on the north-west slopes of the park and up into the woods.

View of cattle grazing in Dinton Park from the roof of Philipps House, Wiltshire
View of cattle grazing in Dinton Park from the roof of Philipps House, Wiltshire | © National Trust Images / James Dobson

Livestock and wildlife

Cattle often graze the parkland which creates a diverse habitat for a wide variety of insects and wildlife. Look out for dung beetles, waxcap mushrooms and birds of prey overhead. Please keep your dogs on a lead if you encounter grazing cattle or sheep.

Philipps House

The house you can see in the park is Philipps House. The house nestles in the steep wooded banks behind it and looks out over the expansive parkland. It’s separated from the park by a special deer fence called a ha-ha which allows uninterrupted views across the park and stops the deer getting into the garden.

The house was designed by Jeffry Wyatville in a Georgian style with Greek-inspired columns supporting the large portico front. It was named Dinton House after the park for the Wyndham family. It was later renamed to Philipps House when it was sold to Bertram Philipps.

Please note: Philipps House is tenanted and not open to the public. There are no toilet facilities or parking at the house.

View of the house from the parkland at Dinton Park and Philipps House, Wiltshire

Discover more at Dinton Park and Philipps House

Find out how to get to Dinton Park and Philipps House, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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