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Berrington Hall, a prominent feature, can be spotted in the distance within the vast parkland, with trees framing the border of the frame.
The parkland at Berrington Hall in summer | © ©National Trust Images/John Millar
Worcestershire & Herefordshire

Berrington purple parkland walk

Stroll out into the parkland at Berrington and enjoy all that this 'Capability' Brown-designed masterpiece has to offer, with this walk taking you into all of the estate's nooks and crannies. Please note that the lakeside path is currently closed and there is a diversion in place to prevent disturbance to the sheep during lambing season.

Paths closed due to lambing

Some of the paths through the parkland will be closed during the lambing season. The closures may changing meaning parts of this walk may be closed. Please stick to the open paths and do not climb over any gates that have been locked. Thank you for your understanding.

Total steps: 7

Total steps: 7

Start point

Visitor Reception, Berrington Hall. Grid ref: SO 50885 63693

Step 1

From Visitor Reception walk towards the natural play area where you will find a small wooden gateway into the parkland.

Step 2

Walking through the fields with the hall to your left, proceed through the open parkland, passing into a second field with George's Plantation to your left. When you're at the bottom of this second field, continue following the path marked by the purple arrows and you will end up on the far side of the parkland, with the hall in the distance.

Step 3

Once you've reached the pathway with the tree line to your right, continue straight, into the woodland ahead. Once you're in the woodland you can either continue the 'Blue Walk' along Morton Ride, past the den-building area and wildlife pools, which then curves back around to the back of the lake (if you choose this route, please skip to Step 5, as this route will lead you around the lake). Alternatively, you could turn left and head towards George's Plantation. This route will take you across the parkland towards the lake. See Step 4 for your next steps.

Step 4

Once you've reached the edge of George's Plantation, head straight down to the lake with the mansion behind you. There is a wooden gate in the top right corner of the lake (if you're walking with the mansion behind you). This gate will lead you onto the circular walk around the lake. The woodland should be on your right, and the lake will be on your left. Follow the footpath right around the lake.

A gateway and goose on the Berrington purple parkland walk
Find new pathways on this walk | © National Trust Images/Eleanor Dobson

Step 5

Once you've made it around the lake, with the mansion ahead of you, and the heronry island and the lake's jetty to your left, turn to the right and walk across the field, towards a wooden gate. Pass through the gate and head straight up to the entrance drive and the A49.

Berrington Hall from the lake on purple parkland walk
Berrington Hall from the 'Capability' Brown lake | © National Trust Images

Step 6

Once you've reached the entrance drive, turn left and follow the driveway to Visitor Reception / the Triumphal Arch.

Step 7

Once you've reached the Triumphal Arch, turn right and follow the pathway straight up through the field, away from the mansion. This will take you to North Lodge. When you reach the lodge, fork to the left and walk around windmill hill, with views back to the car park. This pathway will lead you back onto the main drive. When you've reached the drive, turn left and walk back towards the car park, which is where this walk ends.

End point

Main Car Park. Grid ref: SO 51097 63731

Trail map

Berrington purple parkland walk map
Berrington purple parkland walk map | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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