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The garden at Nunnington Hall

Children enjoying Nunnington Hall garden in autumn
Enjoy exploring Nunnington's garden and grounds this autumn | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

The garden at Nunnington Hall is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet. Peaceful hidden spots, colourful peacocks and colourful flowers offer a great day out.

The garden in autumn

As the days get shorter and the temperature starts cooling, we enter into the most atmospheric season of the year.

The vines on the wall at Nunnington Hall start turning from green to orange and all shades between. The Black Walnut and the Liquidambar by the footbridge welcome our visitors with their bright colours of yellow and bright red, as they shed their leaves and leave a carpet of autumn colour on the lawn by the river.

Seed-heads are left on the herbaceous plants to keep providing height and structure in the garden. As the season progresses these seed heads will be covered with morning dew and sparkling cobwebs, as well as providing seeds for birds and habitat for insects.

The gardens are planted with berry laden plants and the orchard trees are laden with fruit, ready to be used by the tearoom. Some will be left for the wildlife, as they take advantage of this abundant food source to fill themselves up ready for the long cold months ahead.

Living organically

The garden has been managed fully organically since 2002, reviving traditional horticultural methods while also embracing modern techniques and technology. You can see much of this work in practice as you explore the garden. This includes such things as a four-bay composting system, a wormery, fruit cages and an organic vegetable patch.

Each year sheep fleece is packed around the base of young fruit trees which acts as an organic mulch. Not only does it suppress the weed growth and help the soil to retain moisture, but slowly releases nutrients directly to the tree roots as the fleece decays. Additionally, the birds, mice and bumblebees enjoy the opportunity of collecting luxurious bedding for their nests.

Relax by the river

The garden sits alongside the River Rye which plays host to much wildlife. Spend a while by the river and you may just catch a glimpse of brown trout, otters, kingfishers and swans.

Accessible for all

The garden is fully accessible for all visitors with gravelled paths and grassed slopes.

Two visitors stood on the Drawing Room balcony overlooking the garden at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

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Two visitors stood on the Drawing Room balcony overlooking the garden at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

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