Making new friends, working in amazing places and knowing that you're helping a great cause - three fabulous reasons to get volunteering

One of our conservation volunteers talking to a visitor

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Whether you're looking to help in the great outdoors, work with the public or get up close and personal with our houses, take a look at what's happening near you.

Guided tour in the chapel of St Cuthbert's at Farne Islands, Northumberland

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Get to know the volunteers that give up their time to care for our places in this round-up of our volunteer articles and profiles.

" It takes a special kind of person, a special kind of attitude to volunteer. Your unselfishness and generosity of spirit are an inspiration to everyone in the Trust, to those in your community, and to those in the rest of the society."
Celebrating our conservation volunteers
Unusual discoveries
Exploring under the floorboards at Knole, Kent

Volunteers discover a message in a bottle 

Our volunteers play a vital role in all of the work we do. In this blog, Knole archaeology volunteers Brenda Jarvis and Veronica Walker-Smith share a discovery made in the attics, and their research on a message from the past and its maker.

The remnants of a picnic from the 1980s found at Formby

Beach cleans reveal unusual rubbish 

Unusual finds have been discovered on the beach cleans you help us with. Some of the objects are decades old, including a ‘Claws’ crisp packet from 1976 and a bottle of rum from post-Prohibition America, both found at Formby, Liverpool. Though weird and wonderful, they show how serious the conservation challenge is for our waters and coastlines.

More about volunteering
Volunteer with visitor at the wildlife watchpoint at Lizard Point, Cornwall

Volunteering FAQs 

Want to get involved? To help you find the right volunteering opportunity, we've answered many of our most frequently asked questions from our would-be volunteers here.

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Thank you to all our volunteers who give their time to support the National Trust in many different roles.