Nothing exists alone: INSTAR

As part of the National Trust's programme of Contemporary Art, now in its thirteenth year, Wallington welcomes artists INSTAR who will be creating a sculptural work to be located on the River Walk, after successfully winning the commission.

The piece is being developed in response to the surrounding habitat, the resident wildlife and the threats and challenges faced by the natural world and is using feedback and observations from workshops carried out in early 2020. The final artwork will be in situ by Trout Bridge on the River walk for two years and will be an engaging addition to the much-loved Wansbeck river valley walk. The piece is currently in production and excitement is building for the unveiling in spring 2022.

This project is part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts which is supported by partnerships with Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Wales.

Introducing INSTAR

INSTAR are a duo of artists, Trish Evans and Nick Humphreys.

INSTAR’s work creates deeper connections to the natural world through contemporary art, with a portfolio of work ranging from site-specific installations to exhibitions, delivering bespoke curated projects.

Lifelong naturalists with backgrounds stemming from street art, music and visual art, INSTAR’s artistic process and practice is inspired by a wide range of influencing components, such as wild spaces, conservation, ecosystems, collections and infrastructure, but importantly they are always inspired by people and their relationship to nature.  Often their work involves the co-production of ideas with wider collaborators and groups, harnessing their passion for the natural world and creatively inspiring new opportunities and responses.

Artist duo INSTAR, commissioned to undertake River Walk project at Wallington
Artist duo INSTAR, commissioned to undertake River Walk project at Wallington
Artist duo INSTAR, commissioned to undertake River Walk project at Wallington

INSTAR’s previous work

Previous projects and commissions include:

  • Offline, for the National Forest, (2021)
  • Infinity Forest, for Essex County Council (2021)
  • Skate of Nature installation, for Nottingham City (2020)
  • LoudsPEAKer and Be Kinder commission for National Trust People's Landscapes (2019);
  • Anamorphic invertebrate sculptures for National Forest Timber Festival (2019);
  • Back to Life project lab for Nottingham Natural History Museum and Galleries (2018);
  • GRID public art for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (2017);
  • BAT temporary exhibition (2013)

Accompanying their artistic practice, for 5 years Trish has worked as the Head of People and Nature at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Nick has been a licenced BTO bird ringer and licenced marine mammal medic for BDMLR.  INSTAR are based in Nottingham, UK.

Read more about INSTAR on their website

Keep an eye out for project updates over the coming weeks on the Wallington website, our social media channels and those of INSTAR too.