Rothley lake, a hidden gem

Rothley lake in autumn

Whilst many are familiar with Wallington’s house and gardens, the wider estate is still yet to be explored by most, and at 13,000 acres, there’s a lot of exploring to be done.

A little known highlight on the estate are Rothley Lakes, which were created in the late 1760s as part of Sir Walter Blackett’s pleasure ground. Originally the site also included a folly castle, a fort and a deer park. Sir Walter commissioned the best designers of the day including Lancelot “Capability” Brown, who drew the designs for Rothley Low Lake.

" A few miles before Cambo there is a very fine new-made lake of Sir Walter Blackett’s, surrounded by young plantation, which is a noble water; the bends and curves of the bank are bold and natural, and when the trees get up, the whole spot will be remarkably beautiful"
- Arthur Young, A Six Month Tour through the North of England 1770

Rothley High Lake, covers 7.6 hectares and is surrounded by wetlands and woodland. Two hundred and fifty years after its creation the site is now a tree lined haven for wildlife including otter, badger, red squirrel, white clawed crayfish, bats and a wide range of birdlife.

Rothley Lake Sunset

In addition to the abundance of animal life many plants and fungi have been recorded and the site is home to significant veteran trees, large beech and scots pine planted from the 1760s onwards are some of the largest examples in Northumberland.

This year our rangers are taking small groups of visitors out to Rothley lake for an exclusive tour of this beautiful area, be sure to book a space to discover this hidden gem and learn about the conservation work we do to ensure the protection of the many species that call it home.