Time Tests Faith - time to celebrate

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In this special year for Wallington, there is a programme of installations and activities taking place to celebrate this exciting milestone - 50 years of the National Trust at Wallington. From May to November, there is something for everyone.

There is much to enjoy at Wallington this year as we invite visitors to delve into the story behind the 'gift', enjoy pop-up theatre giving you a special glimpse into the negotiations and have fun reminiscing on a trip down memory lane in the room that time forgot. This is what's in store for you at Wallington over the coming months.

Uncovering the Story

7 May4 November, 125pm

Step inside the Estate Office; the business heart of the House, where Sir Charles made some very big decisions!  Take a look at newly discovered papers that reveal nitty gritty negotiations between the Trust and Sir Charles and you can discover the Trust’s plans to protect this fantastic estate for future generations. 

Provocations and Revelations

9/10, 16/17, 23/24 June at 11am, 12am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm

As you explore the house and grounds, you may encounter some ‘pop-up’ theatre from award-winning performing arts company November Club. This is your chance to eavesdrop on some key moments that shaped the handover of Wallington to the National Trust and maybe add your voice to the story.

Map of Provocations and Revelations performances

The Room that time forgot

26 May4 November, 125pm

It’s 1968 - immerse yourself in the decade that brought us Dixon of Dock Green, Twister, miniskirts, Liberty print ties and Angel Delight! Step inside the room that time forgot and have a groovy fun time. 

Looking after the past, for the future

7 May4 November

Wallington needs a lot of looking after – from conserving the Clocktower to repairing drystone walls, keeping the books bug-free and the trees in tip top shape, so look out for Conservation in Action across the property.

To find out more about November Club, visit https://www.novemberclub.org.uk/productions/item/provocations-and-revelations-2