Walking at Wallington

Two visitors walking over the bridge over the River Wansbeck, Northumberland

We've got miles of footpaths and trails on our huge estate, a good walk is the perfect way to enjoy the changing seasons in the Northumberland countryside. Put your walking shoes on and get exploring parts of Wallington you may have never ventured to before.

If you love a good walk, you've come to the right place. From gentle strolls along woodland paths to walks across grassy farmland and open moorland, we've got plenty of options for you to enjoy.
Take a stroll though the woods and along by the River Wansbeck on the popular circular river walk.  Look out for traces of Wallington's industrial past along the river bank and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife - red squirrels, otters and white-clawed crayfish all call the Wansbeck valley home.
One of our favourites is the Broomhouse Farm walk.  Take in the fresh air and farmland views on this circular walk around one of the 15 tenanted farms on the Wallington estate, which was originally part of the 18th century designed landscape at Wallington.
For a gentle stroll, our HeritageTree trail will take you past some of the most impressive and unusual trees planted in the East Wood over the past 300 years by the Blackett and Trevelyan families. Wallington has trees from around the world, with many brought here as the "must-have" status symbols of their day, while other trees are native species with fascinating stories attached to them. 
Further afield, the Wannie Line walk will take you onto both the Wannie and Rothbury railway lines. Trains once steamed along these two lines, carrying Wallington's stone, lime, coal and livestock, as well as passengers, but now nature and wildlife have taken them over.
If you fancy a good leg stretch, you can walk across open moorland and around the shores of Fontburn Reservoir on the Greenleighton Moor walk. Look out for the wild orchids, rare fossils and ancient cup and ring marks on this challenging walk past some of the oldest archaeology on the Wallington estate.
You'll find full route details below, and you also can pick up a copy of the different walking trails from the Welcome & Information building.
A stone bridge across a river

River walk at Wallington

Walk along the banks of the River Wansbeck, explore the woods and see what wildlife you can spot on this riverside walk.


Wallington Heritage Tree Trail

Wallington was the home of the Blackett and Trevelyan families for more than 300 years, and one of their great legacies is the trees they planted.

A woodland path winding through trees

Broomhouse Farm walk

Enjoy a relatively easy circular route through woodland and grassy fields around Broomhouse Farm on the Wallington estate.

A winding river with a crag in the distance

Wannie Line walk

This circular walk will take you onto both the Wannie and Rothbury railway lines, where trains once steamed carrying Wallington's stone, lime, coal and livestock, as well as passengers.

A rocky crag on the moorland

Greenleighton Moor walk

A challenging walk across moorland, around the shores of Fontburn Reservoir and past some of Wallington's oldest archaeology.