Memories in the monument

Letters from the community are placed in the monument

The monument is loved by many, holding a place in peoples hearts.

What are ‘memories in the monument’?

Wellington Monument means so much to the local community and those who live further away. It is so much more than a commerative obelisk for the victory at the Battle of Waterloo. Many locals see it as the 'beacon of hope', a place to mark a special birthday, walk with friends and family or a waymarker seen from the motorway. 

Visitors have been sharing their stories of their time spent at the monument for over 200 years. We've been writing the next chapter of its story through the current conservation program. 

Memories in the monument was an opportunity for visitors and those who have a connection with this special place to write a letter of love, a memory or perhaps a story of their time at the monument.

Conservation at Wellington Monument
Conservation at Wellington Monument
Conservation at Wellington Monument

We received many letters, photos and poems from the local community and from further afield, alongside donations. During March 2021, as the repairs works began to come to an end, the final touches were added to this monument which means so much to many. The letters have been placed in the heart of the monument and will remain there for the years to come. 

A deep crack in the stonework of the Wellington Monument, Somerset

Wellington Monument appeal 

We began caring for Wellington Monument in 1934. Since that time it has needed careful renovation every 10 to 15 years. To perform a full repair, we have a lot of work to do. We need your help.

Wellington Monument at sunset

Repairing Wellington Monument

The £3.1m project to repair Wellington Monument has now finished, thank you to everyone who supported the project. Find out more about the journey to repair the worlds tallest three-sided obelisk here.