Wildlife to spot on land at Wembury

Wembury is home to a vast array of rare plants that provide habitats for insects, birds and other animals.

Dartmoor ponies

One of the icons of Dartmoor, the Dartmoor pony can be found grazing on the cliffs of Wembury. These pure-bred ponies are now an endangered species. Originally bred as a working animal to aid in the booming tin industry, they are recognisable for their high levels of strength, short legs, kindly eyes and alert ears. Please do not feed the ponies as the diet and health of these animals is crucial to their survival.

Reptiles and insects

The newly created coastal grasslands are home to a range of wildlife including the common lizard; the grasshopper; the great, green, bush cricket; marbled white, grayling and dark green fritillary butterflies.
Bloody nosed beetles, oil beetles, weevils, mining and nomad bees have all been sighted. Look carefully and you may spot the nest mounds of yellow meadow ants, food for the green woodpecker. Be wary of basking adders found at Wembury and Wembury Point.

Bird watching

Wembury is home to a vast array of birdlife including some of the rarest and most threatened species in the UK, including the cirl bunting. With so much to see it is a unique and unmissable experience for all bird watchers.

Horse riding

Wembury Bay Riding School offers lessons suitable for all ages and abilities.
For any enquiries or bookings, contact them on 01752 862676, 07774 280529 or email them.