Wembury Woods walk

Walking trail

A hilly route that encompasses colourful woodlands, some lovely views of the Yealm river and the hedge-lined fields that lie to the east of Wembury.

Views of the river Yealm from Wembury Woods


Map route for Wembury woods walk


Wembury village car park, grid ref: SX528496


From the car park take the surfaced path passing the tennis courts on your right. Follow the path through the fields, passing residential buildings on your left-hand side. At the top of the field go through the gate, briefly turn right then left to cross over the road, and go through the smaller gate and back onto the path. The path passes through farmlands before heading down the hill. On the way you will cross from one field to the next through a gate with a signpost. At the signpost pause to admire the fauna which include various berries in the right season. Head down the track to the entrance of the woods, and through the gate.

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From the edge of the fields, follow the footpaths into the woods. Often here you can see bivouacs (a temporary encampment or shelter) and other wooden structures built by local youth groups. Carry on downwards towards the river Yealm, winding between trees and bushes. You'll pass a couple of signposts for the village; at the second set of signposts, marked for Hollacombe, head downward to the edge of the water where there is a rest area.

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Climb back up the bank a little way to the marker, signifying you have come 2.5 miles from the village; follow the path to the right and down the other side to the creek itself. Cross the picturesque wooden bridge (which is ripe for a photo opportunity) and continue on the path alongside the edge of the meadow until you come to twin posts marking the track.

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From the twin posts on the track at the bottom of the woods, pause for a minute to look out across the meadow and take in the view. Follow the path along further and go up the steep path to the old quarry, signalled with steps at the start. Wander through the strangely overgrown ruins, note the large blocks of stone, until you pass the final clearing and take a right through the trees. Now back onto the track, walk up to the gate of Traine Woods. Be careful in wet weather as the track can be muddy and slippery.

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From the gates of Traine Woods, walk up the track to the main road and turn right towards Hollacombe. After a brief stint on the main road take the first left onto Traine road (now travelling back on yourself towards Wembury village). Eventually you will reach the Old Wheel Pub and the meet the main road again. Turn right onto the main road and after a very short distance turn left. Returning up to your start point at the car park by the community fields.

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Wembury village car park, grid ref: SX528496

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Wembury Woods walk


A hilly route that encompasses colourful woodlands, some lovely views of the Yealm river and the hedge-lined fields that lie to the east of Wembury.

Wembury Woods walk

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Wembury Woods walk

How to get here

Wembury village, Devon
By train

10 miles from Plymouth station.

By road

For Wembury Point and beach follow A379 from Plymouth, then turn right at Elburton, signposted Wembury.

By foot

South West Coast Path from Plymouth City to Heybrook Bay, then on to Warren Point, where you can take the seasonal ferry to Noss Mayo and rejoin the path through to the River Erme (low tide only). Path continues at Wonwell and towards Bigbury-on-Sea, where there are seasonal ferries to Bantham.

By bus
First 48, Plymouth to Wembury; for Wembury Point, City Bus 49, Plymouth to Heybrook Bay, via Wembury Point, Monday to Saturday.
Wembury Woods walk

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