White Horse Hill

Ancient rolling downland, home to an enigmatic chalk hill figure

White Horse Hill

Things to see and do

View of volunteers scouring the chalk horse at White Horse Hill, Uffington, Oxfordshire

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Climb to the highest point in Oxfordshire and marvel at views stretching out over six counties.

A skylark in heather

Flying of drones at White Horse Hill  

The use of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) is not permitted on or over National Trust land as part of our byelaws, without the necessary required qualifications and a licence granted by us.

White Horse Hill

What's on


Volunteers help re-chalk the White Horse

Volunteers help re-chalk the 3,000 year old chalk figure twice a year at White Horse Hill. 'It's a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to get involved in some hands-on conservation work to preserve the White Horse and we couldn't do it without them,' says National Trust Ranger Andy Foley. The next event is August bank holiday weekend (booking essential).

Upcoming events

Chalking the Horse

Sun 28 Aug 2016
Can you give us 30 minutes of your time to help keep the White Horse in tip-top condition?

White Horse Hill to Ashdown guided walk

Sun 23 Oct 2016
You'll be following in the footsteps of the ancients on this bracing 8-mile guided tramp with our ranger across the Berkshire Downs. Learn of legends, burial chambers, romance and more...