Swimming's for the fish

Lakes are great for reflections

Summer's a great time to visit the parkland but please don't be tempted to take a dip or swim in the lakes. They're deep and hide many dangers.

Over the years the lakes have claimed the lives of several people, who've sadly drowned in the icy cold waters.

Safe and enjoyable

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable day out. There are many reasons why we don't allow swimming in the lakes. Not only are there hidden dangers underneath the water, there is also no mobile phone coverage and vehicular access is difficult. It therefore might not be possible to obtain help in the event of an emergency.

Wildlife impact

Woodchester Park is an important place for wildlife. It's a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and has been the focus of some of the longest running mammal studies in the world.

The lakes are home to a colony of quirky looking herons plus an internationally important population of rare Greater Horseshoe bats. You can sometimes see the herons and their young on the Lost Landscapes trail that runs around the parkland.

Herons love to eat fish
Herons love to eat fish
Herons love to eat fish

Swimming has a big impact on the peace and tranquility of this special place. The herons, otters and bats that live by the lakes are susceptible to disturbance. It's important that we look after this extraordinary habitat so that it can continue to be enjoyed long into the future.