Visit Woodchester with your dog

It's always a good idea to keep your dog on a lead

Exploring the acres of parkland with your four-legged friend is a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscape. All well-behaved dogs are very welcome.

Woodchester Park attracts thousands of dog walkers every year, so to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit we've put together a code of conduct to give you more information on bringing your cuddly canine.

Balancing safety with a great day out

We sometimes have incidents involving dogs. Please help to protect others, the grazing sheep and cattle, and wildlife by being responsible for your dog at all times.

There are dog waste bins around the site. Help us to keep Woodchester special for all visitors and wildlife by remembering to clear up after your dog.

On leads

To help keep Woodchester special and the livestock and wildlife safe, please ensure your canine companion is kept on a lead at all times while visiting.

Short leads and under close control

Dogs must be on a short lead along the more sensitive areas like the play trail and on the tracks that pass through fields of grazing sheep and cows. Sadly, several sheep and lambs have been fatally injured by loose dogs. It is a criminal offence to allow your dog to chase livestock which could lead to fines and prosecution, so keeping them on a short lead is essential.

Some younger visitors can be scared of dogs so do not allow your dog on the play equipment.

Sheep love to graze the land
Sheep love to graze the land
Sheep love to graze the land

Long leads

Most of the waymarked routes around the park are perfect for a good walk with your four-legged friend. Long leads are perfect on the woodland tracks where there are no grazing animals. It also helps to protect the wildlife too.

The canine code

You can help us look after the places you and your dog enjoy by following the canine code.

The canine code (PDF / 1.7509765625MB) download