Take the geocaching challenge

GPS devices on a table

Geocaching is a kind of treasure hunt for the digital age, you can borrow equipment from the castle to have a go.

This is a family-based series of eight caches; they are all medium sized and will hold swaps and TBs, the final cache is a puzzle, you will find the Co-ords for the Puzzle in two of the caches.

The caches are placed on an interesting walk through rolling woodland leading to places not normally visited, with some of the best Lakeland views, so remember to take your camera too.

They're all easy to find and close to the track, and two caches have the Co-ords for the final puzzle, do check the inside cover of all the log books! Please record all DNFs and please take care not to damage the vegetation and carefully replace as found.

Go geocaching

To get started just follow this link, create a free login account and then search for 'Wray Castle' . The series is called 'Around Wray' numbered 1-8; you can download the geocaches directly to your GPS or to a mobile phone App.

Good luck and enjoy!