Rockpooling on the Yorkshire Coast

Children finding a crab in a rock pool Yorkshire Coast

Some of our places on the Yorkshire Coast have rocky shores which are excellent for rockpooling when the tide is out. Try Saltburn, Robin Hoods Bay and Boggle Hole - you could be surprised at the variety of wildlife to be found.

Tide times

Check tide times before you go.
There are six hours for you to take advantage of between high and low tide. Most wildlife will be in pools only uncovered at low tide but there’s plenty to find all the way up the beach.

What do I need?

Take a net and bucket. You might also find an ID guide useful.
However, you can go rockpooling without any kit at all. By just watching you can see all sorts of activity in a rockpool and maybe turn over a rock or two to see what’s lurking underneath.
You might spot barnacles and limpets clinging to the rocks, while ragworms and chitons hide beneath. There's also a world of seaweeds, from green through brown and into red, concealing slippery butterfish, velvet swimming crabs and much more.

Golden rules of rockpooling

Be safe

Always check the tide times before going out rockpooling and be aware that the tide can move fast on its way in and catch you out. Watch your step on uneven rocks and seaweed.

Cause as little disturbance as possible

Always put overturned stones back as you found them and return wildlife to the place you found it, without keeping it from its natural habitat for too long.

Handle with care

While it’s great to get a closer look at your finds, you must be careful. Some creatures may nip or sting and others are very fragile.