Museums at Night 2018

 Bedroom by evening light at 575 Wandsworth Road

In October 2018 we ran an exclusive series of twilight tours of the house led by our dedicated conservation team to experience this hidden gem in the heart of Lambeth after dark.

As part of the Museums at Night Festival 2018, we opened the house for a limited series of twilight tours. In groups of up to six, visitors were guided by a member of the conservation team around this extraordinary home, with a rare chance to enjoy the striking shadow effects cast by the evening light.

After letting our visitors eyes adjust to the low light levels, our visitors removed thier shoes to help prevent damage to the hand-painted floors. We spent the evening exploring the rooms in the order they were created making the most of the shadows cast by the intricately carved fretwork in evening light.

This presented a rare opportunity to see this extraordinary home and work of art by twilight with our conservation team on hand to share the secrets of how we care for one of the smallest and most fragile properties cared for by the National Trust.

We open our doors to just 2000 visitors each year and special events like this one supplement our more regular daytime tours.