Support our work

A door decorated with fretwork at 575 Wandsworth Road, London

You can support our valuable conservation work in many ways. From making a retail or membership purchase when you visit us, taking part in our raffle, or dedicating a donation online to someone special - find your own way to give.

Membership and visitor income makes a vital contribution to the upkeep of amazing places like 575 Wandsworth Road, but since we can accept only 2000 visitors per year (for conservation reasons) we rely on your additional generosity to continue to protect the irreplaceable. In our 125th year, we need you more than ever - thank you.

When you visit, please support our work by making the following purchases:

  • Retail – we have a selection of postcards, a souvenir guidebook and fretwork candles on sale at the end of every visit.
  • Raffle - The annual Special Places Raffle with cash prizes of up to £10,000, which runs between March and November, can be entered by buying tickets when you visit.
  • Membership - Not a National Trust member but thinking about joining? Choose the member ticket when you book and we can complete the membership for you at 575 on the day of your tour and our property will benefit directly from your membership purchase.
  • Gift Membership - if you are already a member, why not buy a membership for a friend or loved-one as a gift during your visit? Every purchase directly supports 575 Wandsworth Road.
Candlelit sitting rooms at 575 Wandsworth Road, London

Dedicate a donation to 575 Wandsworth Road

You can also support 575 Wandsworth Road by dedicating a donation to someone special and adding your precious memories to our interactive map. A perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, your donation will help us continue to care for 575 Wandsworth Road.