We are now closed until February 2019

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Conservation Team will be doing a deep clean of the house, delicately dusting each item in every room, waxing and buffing floors, cleaning windows and checking the unique collection we have here at A la Ronde. Part of checking the collection has included checking and cataloging the contents of the Cabinet of Curiosities. This has been very exciting for the team as many of them are new this year and will not have seen the whole collection before. A chance to photograph, clean, measure and examine each item and making sure they are recorded correctly.

The majority of volunteers take a well-earned rest over the winter but the garden volunteers have no such luck and continue to come in every Thursday and Friday and they really wouldn’t have it any other way. This winter they will ensure the shelter belt is managed and looks its best for the 2019 season which will entail coppicing around a quarter of the hazel, strimming, pruning trees, digging up brambles and mulching the hollies put in last winter.

Other tasks for the gardening team include:

• Planting several 100 tulip bulbs
• Collecting the huge amounts of fallen leaves which they turn into wonderful leaf mulch, clearing the gardeners cottage area of brambles and self-sown ash saplings
• Mulching all the beds, using an aerator to solid tine all the grassed areas
• Winter pruning the apple trees on the estate and before we open laying woodchip around the perimeter path 

The list goes on and on….So there won’t be much time for their team to stand still and complain about the cold and rain, but it does mean they get extra biscuits and coffee!