50 things top 10 challenge at Alderley Edge

Child in the snow at Great Ayton

With help from kids all over the country, we've put together the ultimate list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ and here is our top 10 list for you to try. We’ve got everything you’ll need so let the adventure begin...

What will you try first?

1. Climb a tree

There are some ideal mature beech trees which are perfect for children looking for adventure.

4. Build a den

You will find everything you need to create your own den, collect some branches, sticks and soft leaves and let your imagination run wild.

6. Run around in the rain

There are plenty of places to shelter from the rain.  Put on your wellies and see how many puddles you can find.

12. Make a trail with sticks

Why not make a trail and play hide and seek with friends.  You could make arrows from twigs for directions to help them find you.

18. Create some wild art

The woods are a treasure trove of natural materials (cones, leaves, twigs) which could provide inspiration for a work of art.

22. Explore inside a tree

Take a look inside some of our trees, the holes have been made by insects chomping on rotting wood.

31. Hunt for bugs

Our woodland is teeming with bugs of all shapes and sizes.  Look out for beetles, spiders and larvae under stones and fallen branches, what will you find today?

33. Catch a falling leaf

When the leaves start to fall its' a great time to see how many you can catch before they reach the ground.

44. Go bird watching

Look out for nuthatches, tree creepers and blue tits and if you're lucky you may see or at least hear a woodpecker.

45.  Find your way with a map and compass

Put your map reading skills to the test through our maze of paths or try one of our three orienteering routes.