Birdwatching at Alderley Edge

Birdwatching in the woodland at Alderley Edge, Cheshire

The wonderful variety of woodland birds found at Alderley Edge provide key wildlife interest for visitors.

Look out for the flycatcher, redstart, nuthatch, tree creeper, green and great spotted woodpeckers, woodcock, raven, goldcrest and bullfinch when you visit. If you’re very lucky you may hear or even see a tawny owl!

During recent years a large number of nest boxes have been added throughout the woods to help encourage small woodland birds such as blue tits, great tits, pied flycatchers and spotted flycatchers to the area.

We have established systems to record the success of the boxes and are encouraged by the results to date. Come and have a look for yourself because we're sure you'll enjoy bird watching at Alderley Edge.